QPOC 13 Interns



Megan Christensen, from the suburbs of Chicago, is currently an undergraduate student at Eastern Illinois University. She plans to graduate in December of 2015 with her Bachelor’s in English and minors in Professional Writing and Religious Studies. She hopes to pursue a career in publishing or campus ministry after graduation. She currently serves as a student leader on the Council of Ministers at Eastern’s Christian Campus House in order to develop her leadership, communication, and ministry skills. She can be contacted at mmchristensen@eiu.edu.

Katherine Mueller is a Saint Louis native that will be graduating with her Bachelor’s degree in English from Eastern Illinois University this spring. She is mastering the art of a perfect latte heart at her day job as a barista, and enjoys telling her customers about her favorite cups of coffee from the places she’s traveled. Her academic interests include poetry, gender and queer theory, postmodern literature, and professional writing. She hopes to continue writing and editing after graduation. Follow her on Twitter.

Candice Mulholland is a Danville, IL resident who is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree from Eastern Illinois University. She plans to graduate in the Spring with a degree in Communication Studies and a minor in English. Her focus is on advertising, marketing, and public relations. She hopes to pursue a career in public relations following graduation, and she is currently improving her communication skills by working as a wedding coordinator for Spruce Street Studios in Shelbyville, IL.